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Cinnamon Apple Pie

My interest in flavours started at an early age. One of my fondest memories of my mother is her baking these wonderfully amazing cakes, and smelling like icing sugar. When we were kids, she was a master cake decorator, and one of my favourite things was when she would open up her decorating bag on the kitchen table, flush with all her fancy tips and icing sugar colours and piping bags.

Magical Masterpieces

It smelled so good and sweet and looked very impressive. I thought my mother had some kind of special power to possess something that smelled so sweet and created such wonderful cake masterpieces. It was like a baking magic bag! She would let my twin sister and I eat some of the sugar roses that she would create for the fancy cakes she would make, and one of our favourite things was licking the bowl after she poured the batter into the cake pans. We would fight over who got the bowl, and who got the spoon. I always thought the bowl was better because it seemed to have more batter left over, but looking back, I think my mom always left the same amount on the spoon as she did in the bowl, whether we knew it back then or not.

So in the beginning of my parent’s popcorn adventure, when they created Shriner’s Creek Original Caramel popcorn recipe, one day I was standing in their kitchen eating it and it just struck me, ‘Wow! This would taste really good with cinnamon on it. And if you put cinnamon on it, wouldn’t it be fun if you mixed it with the green apple flavor, and made cinnamon caramel apple pie? I bet that would be a real hit!’ So many years later, it continues to be one of their best sellers. It’s nice to think that maybe that flavour inspiration was in some way due to those early days of smelling the icing sugar wafting out of my mom’s cake decorating bag and tasting all that yummy batter when we were kids. From one kitchen to another, and now to your home.


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